Zaka TV (Channel 51) is a fictional television station featured in multiple Suda51 games. It is a product of similarly-recurring electronics manufacturer and corporate conglomerate ISZK. The station was originally seen in Michigan: Report from Hell, where it is seen sending reporters to investigate the events surrounding Lake Michigan. It has a high emphasis on sensationalism over humanity, with its director, Debora Flair, is eventually revealed to be vindictive and ruthless in the extreme, more than willing to sacrifice the lives of her operatives; it is even implied that she was responsible for the monster outbreak, which she engineered solely for the purpose of accruing ratings.

ZaKa TV has been marginally referenced in several games since Michigan. In killer7, for example, the ZaKa logo appears in the corner of the screen in the introductory cutscene for Cloudman and Alter Ego. In No More Heroes, the opening FMV takes the form of both a direct address to the player and a ZaKa broadcast; additionally, one part of the sequence of Game Over screens is a ZaKa TV "weak signal" screen.

According to Jack Foley in Hand in killer7, ZaKa TV first launched as an experimental local cable channel in Chicago in 1981. At first, it was named "ZaKa Broadcasting" but was renamed to ZaKa TV the following year. It grew in popularity due to its strict reporting attitude that pushed broadcasting "tasty" scoops no matter where or when, resulting in several lawsuits. Despite the legal trouble, ZaKa became one of the most popular channels in the United States.

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