"Mister Smith, I sell information, yes?"

Yoon-Hyun (オ・ユニオン, O yunion) is one of Harman Smith's remnant psyches in the game killer7. He was the first informant for the Smith Syndicate, as well as the former proprietor of the Union Hotel group (his name is a pun on the name of the hotel). He is also the bearer of the True Mask.


It is revealed through Johnny Gagnon's notes that Yoon-Hyun was originally an informant for the killer7 before he was murdered during a reception at the Union Hotel in Philadelphia. Exactly who assassinated him is not revealed, but his status as a Remnant Psyche implies that he was taken out by the Smiths. Despite there being many celebrities present at the reception, there were no witnesses to the murder and the entire incident was quickly hushed up.

Yoon-Hyun later returns to assist the Smiths as a secondary informant, providing the player with hints throughout the game at a cost of a little thick blood. However, these hints are usually highly vague and cryptic in nature. To obtain a more detailed answer, the player must shoot the True Mask that Yoon-Hyun holds in one hand. Doing so will cause it to explode into droplets of blood before reforming on his face in a manner similar to how the Smith personas switch places. When wearing the True Mask Yoon-Hyun will act rudely to the Smiths, frequently taunting them and calling them a 'loser' as well as giving them the middle finger with both hands. The precise nature of the True Mask is never fully explained, but Yoon-Hyun's mention of how 'demons lust for blood' implies that it is a demonic or supernatural entity separate from Yoon himself.

In Target05: Smile Part 2, Yoon-Hyun offers some free advice to Garcian Smith as thanks for all his 'business', telling him not to rely on anyone for anything. He then disappears.



  • "Oh, like old times, yes? You tell me, how's old Smith?"
  • "Demons lust for blood, yes?"
  • "If you are brave, shoot the mask. It'll tell you everything."
  • "Thank you, much gratitude."
  • "If you want to survive in this world, brand your chest with these words: 'Don't depend on anybody'."
  • "From now on, you're all on your own. The only way it should be, for the honourable killer."

True MaskEdit

  • "I am the True Mask, and I shall guide you."
  • "Hello, loser of losers. I'm beginning to feel pity."
  • "The greatest loser on earth... Born with the loser's curse."
  • "There's no escape from hell."
  • "Make friends with disaster. Misfortune is your cousin."
  • "Leave your regrets behind. Your third eye will open."
  • "Tomorrow it could be you."
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