Yokuichiro Ozora is a character in Liberation Maiden. He is the former President of New Japan, as well as the father of Shoko Ozora.

Background[edit | edit source]

Prior to becoming President, Ozora rose to prominence as a central figure in the Japanese government. Although the political apparatus of the country remained in place, Japan was in fact completely under the control of the Dominion, an aggressive foreign nation that had annexed it some years previously with the goal of harvesting energy from the Guardian Spirits. However, as the Dominion continued to conquer the world, its constant state of war began to drain its resources.

Recognising this weakness, the Japanese government resolved to launch an uprising against the Dominion and free the nations under its rule. Since the position of Prime Minister was hampered by its limited emergency powers, the traditional parliamentary system was dissolved in favour of a more powerful and autonomous presidency. Ozora, one of the first individuals to call for armed resistance against the Dominion, was appointed as the first President of the nation now known as New Japan.

However, Ozora was assassinated soon after by an "unknown assassin" while addressing resistance troops. Ozora's daughter Shoko was subsequently voted in as President by the New Japanese cabinet, and was placed under the guardianship of Ozora's First Secretary Kira.

Parliamentary Battleship Nagata[edit | edit source]

During his brief time as President, Yokuichiro Ozora oversaw the development of the Parliamentary Battleship Nagata, a heavily-armed warship which was intended to act as a mobile base of operations for the New Japan government and its resistance forces. Shoko keeps a small shrine to her father in her private residence onboard the Nagata, which is briefly seen during the opening cutscene.

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