Witchdog Demons are enemies featured in Shadows of the DAMNED. They first appear in Act 4-5.

Witchdog Demons resemble Crawler Demons superficially, preferring to move about on all fours rather than stand up. However, instead of their weaker brethren they are covered almost entirely in spiky metal armour, powered by a Red Core located on their underbelly. Instead of crawling, Witchdogs roll around at high speeds trying to ram Garcia.

In order to defeat a Witchdog, Garcia must trick it into rolling head first into a wall or other obstacle. Doing so will momentarily fling the Witchdog onto its back, exposing its vulnerable red core for a brief second. Using a powerful weapon, such as the Skullfest 9000 or Skullblaster, at close range at this point will quickly dispatch the demon. Witchdogs often attack in pairs, and will stun themselves if they roll into each other.

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