Washington, DC is a location in killer7. It is the primary setting of both halves of Target01: Sunset, and also features briefly at the beginning of Target05: Smile.

Five locations within DC are featured during the game:

  • Department of Defense - The control center of all U.S. military operations. It is shown at the beginning of Sunset when Chief of Staff Spencer informs the President of the missiles heading towards Japan.
  • Restaurant Fukushima - A large, high-end Japanese restaurant owned by Toru Fukushima. It is the setting of the first half of Sunset.
  • Coffee Shop - A small cafe located near the restuarant. Garcian Smith meets up with Hiro Kasai in order to receive his next assignment following Fukushima's death.
  • KAKU Building - An office complex located not far from the coffee shop. It is also the headquarters of the United Nations Party, and the setting of the second half of Sunset.
  • Building - This is a nondescript building situated somewhere in Washington. It is briefly shown at the very beginning of Smile when Kenjiro Matsuoka, having tortured and humiliated Hiro Kasai in revenge for his betrayal of Japan, forces him to jump off the roof to his death on the streets.
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