Vivienne Squall (ヴィヴィアン・スコール, Vu~ivu~ian sukōru) is a character in Killer Is Dead. She is a likeable, 25-year-old English woman who works in the Bryan Execution Firm as Mondo Zappa's superior. She is normally calm and collected, but can get angry if somebody inquires too much about her private life.

During execution work Vivienne wields a set of 16 pistols called the Vivienne Phantom, which she appears to use by growing 7 additional pairs of arms. Her extra arms are implied to be mechanical like other characters', but Vivienne has touched them up to look completely authentic. She can help out Mondo by riding to his rescue on her motorbike.


Vivienne was originally translated as Vivian, prior to her name being changed in March 2013.


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