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Dr. Letz Shake[edit source]

I don't have the Internet right now and I'm at work so I don't have much time to go through this, but the doctor is obviously the same character in both games. All Travis says is "you're the fifth ranked freak Henry sliced up." Well, Dr. Shake was one of two freaks "sliced up" by Henry during Ranking Battle 5 in NMH, not to mention you're wrong about Dr. Shake not speaking in the first game, when he announces each phase of the Disaster Blaster. GHM just fleshed him out with a little more sentience in this game. Letz Shake (the person) was a musician, Dr. Shake/Dr. Letz Shake was apparently a scientist (well, an inventor anyways). So either the entire concept of Letz Shake's (the person's) personality was spun on its head, or there is the more likely possibility that NMH2s Dr. Letz Shake is NMHs Dr. Shake. All we knew about him in the first game was that his surname was "Shake," so why are you so adamant that his given name couldn't be "Letz" as well? If his full name was Dr. Letz Shake, then his name being displayed as only "Letz Shake" in the post-battle leaderboard wouldn't be so random, since it would only be dropping his honorific from his name. There's another element coonnecting Dr. Shake and Dr. Letz Shake that you see in the conversation he has with Travis, but as I'm not home I can't check up on what it is (not to mention I'm not at the battle in my current file). Vixen Windstorm 16:54, February 16, 2010 (UTC)

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