Hey everyone, I hope you'll forgive my absence from Suda51 Wiki. I'm still completely interested in the website, but a month ago I moved out of the house and to the other side of the province, so I'm still in a transitional period, trying to set up here. I don't have the Internet installed at my place yet so I can only take my netbook to hotspots, and the connection's a bit poor so I hate to admit that I'm behind on my NMH2 updates... But fortunately there's an EB Games where I now live so picking the damn game up will be no hassle! I guess that's it, I just wanted to give all you visitors, especially those who appreciate my coverage in particular, a heads up that I am not done with this website. I hope to pursue a career in scenario writing myself, so analyzing Goichi Suda's projects could not influence me more, nor could I have anymore fun doing so! Take care of Suda51 Wiki in my absence everyone, and feel free to say hello if you'd like! :)

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