It has been a while since I've the wiki, for a while I was not as interested in Suda51, not that he and grasshopper where no longer an inspiration for me, but I was focussing on other interests. However, this morning I checked Grasshopper's site and Twitter feed. Seeing Travis's Jacket in the real life Airport photo just makes me want it more! With all the stuff going on with Grasshopper, I feel ready to edit again. Vixen Windstorm, one of our amazing contributors and an admin has had little to no internet access for a while, and I feel our asbence showed we depened on him way too much, I requested Administratorship, but he hasn't responded. Spongebathbill has also been offline for a while. So, no admins, in the meantime, we should try to make this site a awesome as possible.

We should

  • Organize pages with sections, not all the character pages have been organized, so that's a good place to start.
  • Expand on articles, pretty straightforward some pages need moAr info
  • Get more NMH2 Images.

So yes, please contribute, lets make Suda51 awesome!

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