Fearfulsymmetry Fearfulsymmetry 28 August 2010

Note to all Killer7 pros.

Having reviewed the wanted pages I've noticed most of them are Killer7 related. I myself have yet to beat the game, I got stuck at this one part were I needed to get a of of blood. Anyways, I recommend any one very familiar with the game to see what pages they can make, and anyone eager to edit to pick up the game(it's like 7 USD). I have a few days of summer vacation left, and plan to beat in my free time.

The most wanted page is Hotel Flower, Sun And Rain. I'm planning to replay FSR and take some notes about the hotel, even if for a basic start. If any of you guys want to start it, feel free to!


Fearfulsymmetry 09:44, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

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Fearfulsymmetry Fearfulsymmetry 1 June 2010

Let's make this site awesome!!!(Please read this)

It has been a while since I've the wiki, for a while I was not as interested in Suda51, not that he and grasshopper where no longer an inspiration for me, but I was focussing on other interests. However, this morning I checked Grasshopper's site and Twitter feed. Seeing Travis's Jacket in the real life Airport photo just makes me want it more! With all the stuff going on with Grasshopper, I feel ready to edit again. Vixen Windstorm, one of our amazing contributors and an admin has had little to no internet access for a while, and I feel our asbence showed we depened on him way too much, I requested Administratorship, but he hasn't responded. Spongebathbill has also been offline for a while. So, no admins, in the meantime, we should try to …

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Fearfulsymmetry Fearfulsymmetry 26 February 2010

Walking away from the top.

Lately, I've been organizing the sections for the No More Heroes characters. When looking at the personality of the characters of Death Metal and Dr. Peace, I got the feeling that both characters were sick of their violent ways. All Death Metal seems to care about when you encounter him is relaxing and watching the ocean. He views killing Travis as chore and accepts death. When looking at the purchases Dr Peace has made with his money, singing in a big stadium(something he states he always wanted) and eating dinner with his daughter, they seem to imply that he has accepted death and is going about with his last wishes. Both assassins give the impression that they want to walk away from their lifestyle. When Travis does so, he is envied by …

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