Man I was coming up with a great Idea for a Killer 7 sequal. I've also been writing it on a piece of paper. I gave it the Title and the Characters.

Title: Killer 8

The Characters:

Dan Smith (Returning. And regains his place as the leader of the new Killer 8) Age:36 Weapon: Demon Gun

Keade Smith (Returning) Age: 23 Weapon: Desert Eagle

Coyote Smith (Returning) Age: 31 Weapon: Still Modified Enfield Revolver

Con Smith (Returning) Age: 17 Weapon: Uzi's

Kevin Smith (Returning) Age:33 Weapons: Knife and Daggers

Mask De smith (Returning) Age: 41 Weapon: Grenade Launcher

New Members:

Falcon Smith Age:30 Weapon: Assault Rifle attached with Grenade Lancher

Emma Smith Age: 33 Weapon: Shotgun

Gabriel Clemence (Since his first name means "Hero of God." And new headmaster of the new "Killer 8)


Emir Parkrenier (also known as Garcian Smith.)

Unnamed Keade's brother

Unnamed Mask's rival

I also been writing on the story too. I made the characters older because it picks off were it leaves from 3 years later.

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