Couldnotic Couldnotic 12 October 2010

Killer 7

Man I was coming up with a great Idea for a Killer 7 sequal. I've also been writing it on a piece of paper. I gave it the Title and the Characters.

Title: Killer 8

The Characters:

Dan Smith (Returning. And regains his place as the leader of the new Killer 8) Age:36 Weapon: Demon Gun

Keade Smith (Returning) Age: 23 Weapon: Desert Eagle

Coyote Smith (Returning) Age: 31 Weapon: Still Modified Enfield Revolver

Con Smith (Returning) Age: 17 Weapon: Uzi's

Kevin Smith (Returning) Age:33 Weapons: Knife and Daggers

Mask De smith (Returning) Age: 41 Weapon: Grenade Launcher

New Members:

Falcon Smith Age:30 Weapon: Assault Rifle attached with Grenade Lancher

Emma Smith Age: 33 Weapon: Shotgun

Gabriel Clemence (Since his first name means "Hero of God." And new he…

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