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Heya, Im Blizaga101 a.k.a (Brandon). Im from Scotland, Yeh that place in Britian which is stereotypicaly abused as a kilt wearing, savage, IRNBRU drinking country (even though IRNBRU is completely nice and I advise anyone capable to drink it). I'm sorta new to wiki even though I've worked on several in the past, but I never thought I'd get the chance to work on Suda51 wiki even though Ill mainly be working on No More Heores as I love the game. It's rubbish that I dont get it until April 30th, but I have good patience (hopefully). I love the characters in No More heroes as each is so unique and are so interesting and I sometimes make up my own assasians maybe I'll post one up and you can either love it or hate it.

No More HeroesEdit

I bought No More Heroes in the Christmas of 2008( what a good year),but the A-hole got wide with me just cause it was a 16 and I was14, what the deal they should be happy I buy anything at all. Well anyway I found out about No More Heroes about 5 months before I got the game I thought it looked cool, but I couldn,t find anywhere so I gave up, but on one fateful day I was having my daily browse of games that are out of my price range and I found it for only £20.00 and I was like "Kerching" well in my head a was, but then the pricky shop assistant told me a couldny buy, but I won't go on or else I'll be repeating myself. Well anyway a just got ma dad to buy for me (sweet dads).

I played the game and I thought it was the coolest until I saw the lack of bloodshed in it. I'm not a blood luster, but when you read and american review of all the gore and find out the stupid Europeans subbedit I was like why are Europeans failures in gaming, but I made do and I loved it, I think with the lack of gore you can appreciate the characters more. I loved the battle system the camera was iffy, but I was OK with it. I aplaued Suda's concept artists on making such incredible characters. I mean a rouge detective who likes to sing classics now that classic, a psyco school girl who you feel sorry for in the end, a cheesy superhero(villian) who is a spinless rat, and a Supermodel, army girl, suicidal babe. I love each of these characters. Thats the carrer I want when I'm older, but first comes school, university and maybe moving to Amercia or Japan.

I know helter Skelter isn,t really important, but I would have really like to fight him just to see more of the game, but I dont get my way or will I...(rubs chin curiously).

My AssasiansEdit


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