Uncle Death is a character from the free-to-play video game, Let It Die. He acts as the guide for the player and the game's mascot.


The player character first meets Uncle Death at the train station leading to the Tower of Barbs. He constantly refers to them as 'Senpai' in both Japanese and English versions. Nevertheless, he helps guide them along throughout the tutorial level. When the player character ends up getting shot in the back, Uncle Death easily kills the sniper via slicing his head off.

He is later shown to be in the real world of this universe as in which, he introduces the game to you as "probably the greatest game ever made." It is unknown if this Uncle Death is that of a cosplayer/fan or the actual Death. Either way, he watches you play via the Death Drive 128 in the Hated Arcade.

Appearance and Personality

Uncle Death adorns skeleton gloves, a pair of sunglasses that typically range from being spirals to 3D glasses, a giant, black coat/hoodie with yellow segments, black tights, and black and yellow tennis shoes. He constantly has with him a golden scythe and skateboard with the 'Let It Die' logo. Compared to other characters, he is of a shorter stature.

Powers and Abilities


  • Naomi Detox, despite her dislike for "goth" things, finds Uncle Death to be cute (at least appearance wise)
  • In the arcade and his introduction cutscene, the whites of his eyes can be seen, though its nigh impossible to see the color of his eyes in-game due to the multiple glasses he adorns throughout the game. Despite this, he claims to not have any organs (at least internal)
  • His character is likely a reference to the Swedish film The Seventh Seal due to his accent in the English release and his later revealed role in the story
  • In 2018, for April Fools, a prank game by the name of Let It Date was announced in which the player could date Uncle Death. Of course, this was just an April Fools joke and will never happen
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