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{{Character|name = Uncle Death|image = Ud trans.png|age = Unknown|nationality = Unknown|occupation = Guide|weapon = Scythe/Golf club|abilities = Teleportation
{{Character|name = Uncle Death|image = Ud trans.png|age = Unknown|nationality = Unknown|occupation = Guide
President of Yotsuyama Enterprises|weapon = Scythe/Golf club|abilities = Teleportation
Resurrection|first = Let It Die (2016)|voice = Jukka Hilden (English)|kana = アンカリ・デス|romaji = Ankari Desu}}'''Uncle Death''' is a character from the free-to-play video game, [[Let It Die]]. He acts as the guide for the player and the game's mascot.
Resurrection|first = Let It Die (2016)|voice = Jukka Hilden (English)|kana = アンカリ・デス|romaji = Ankari Desu}}'''Uncle Death''' is a character from the free-to-play video game, [[Let It Die]]. He acts as the guide for the player and the game's mascot.

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Uncle Death is a character from the free-to-play video game, Let It Die. He acts as the guide for the player and the game's mascot.


The player character meets Uncle Death at the train station leading to the Tower of Barbs. He constantly refers to them as 'Senpai' in both Japanese and English versions. Nevertheless, he gives them the Underworld Rolodex and helps guide them along throughout the tutorial level. When the player character ends up getting shot in the back, Uncle Death easily kills the sniper via slicing his head off.

He is later shown to be in the real world of this universe as well, where he introduces the game as "probably the greatest game ever made." Here, Death watches you play via the Death Drive 128 in the Hated Arcade.Throughout the game, he offers encouragement at the arcade.

In-game Death will collect any of the player's carcasses and is in charge of the Freezer, as well as offering "Uncle Prime," a daily, free gift given every 19 to 24 hours.

As the player character rides the escalator to the final floor of the tower, it is revealed to them that Yotsuyama Enterprises not only built the tower, but is lead by its president, Uncle Death. The tower served as a way for him to strengthen the souls who came to the tower and eventually bring them to the Moon, a more Sun-like object fueled by human souls. The in-game game was all but a disguise for the fusion of the Earth and Moon. In other words, it was all a plan to kill humanity and all of Earth's inhabitants. Death himself explains that his reasoning is that he's 'Death' and believes humans only corrupt Earth.

However, because of his huge respect towards the player, he ends up stopping this plan in favor of continuing his relations with the player. As a sign of thanks, he kills the final boss (in other words, no fight) via slice to the chest and introduces the 'Death Drive XXX.' He then grabs the player's hand and guides them along to go play some more games with the new console.

Back at the arcade, he replaces the Death Drive 128 with the XXX edition and loads up your save file.

Appearance and Personality

Uncle Death adorns skeleton gloves, a pair of sunglasses that typically range from being spirals to 3D glasses, a giant, black dufflecoat with yellow segments, black tights, and black and yellow tennis shoes. He constantly has with him a golden scythe and skateboard with the 'Let It Die' logo. Compared to other characters, he is of a shorter stature.

His personality is that of a carefree goofball. He loves to play around with the player whether it be calling them 'Senpai' or just enjoying the game with them; so much so that he ends up giving up on all his plans just to continue being with them. He also has an interest in Japanese culture, skateboarding, and video games, as reflected in his speech patterns and accessories. However, when needed, Uncle Death can get serious, whether it be him explaining his plans with the Moon or taking out enemies.

Powers and Abilities

Uncle Death has an interest in skateboarding and video games, thus making him skilled in those areas. Although, at the beginning of the game, he does fall off his board at one point. Death also appears to have an interest in golfing due to his weapon being able to change into a golf club and him being shown to play some during the end cutscene. He is also not only able to kill off what is presumably another player (the sniper who kills the player in the tutorial level), but even demolishes what was supposed to be the final boss. It is worth noting the boss was stories taller than both the player and Death, with one of it's palms being the size of a regular person.

In terms of supernatural abilities, he is shown multiple times to be able to teleport. He is also stated to be from the Underworld from the recording in the final escalator. With this information in mind, Uncle Death can resurrect the dead via the Freezer, although no 'how' is ever given.


  • Despite being the mentor, he refers to the player character as 'senpai' which can translate as either "master," "upperclassman," or "boss." This may either be because he's an employee at Yotsuyama Enterprises (the president, to be exact) or that he genuinely cares for the player as shown with the ending.
  • Uncle Death appears to be in charge of the official Let It Die twitter account.
  • Naomi Detox, despite her dislike for "goth" things, finds Uncle Death to be cute (at least appearance wise).
  • In the arcade and his introduction cutscene, the whites of his eyes can be seen, though its nigh impossible to see the color of his eyes in-game due to the multiple glasses he adorns throughout the game. Despite this, he claims to not have any organs (at least internal).
  • His character is likely a reference to the Swedish film The Seventh Seal due to his accent in the English release, his black coat, him watching the player play a game in the arcade, and his later revealed role in the story.
  • The player is able to obtain Uncle Death's Scythe, but must reach the top of the tower first, thus removing its usefulness.
  • In 2018, for April Fools, a prank game by the name of Let It Date was announced in which the player could date Uncle Death. Of course, this was just an April Fools joke and will sadly never happen.
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