Ulmeyda Smiles (ウルメイダスマイル, Urumeidasumairu) are enemies featured in killer7. They are a special variety of Heaven Smile which only feature during Target02: Cloudman.

Ulmeyda Smiles are encountered throughout Ulmeyda InterCity, where they aimlessly run up and down the streets in straight lines before disappearing into thin air. They are distinguished from regular Heaven Smiles by their prominent yellow Texas Bronco t-shirts, making them resemble their namesake.

Normally, an Ulmeyda Smile will completely ignore the player and will not even make any attempt to attack them unless they accidentally run into them; however, if the player shoots them even once and fails to kill them they will start walking towards the Smiths like a normal Smile. Ulmeyda Smiles are possibly the easiest enemies to kill in the game - landing a single shot on their t-shirts will instantly kill them and yield one coin, which can then be used at the Iron Crow diner to obtain figurines. Since it is so easy to land critical hits on them, it is possible for the player to easily build up a large kill streak in this way, although the amount of Thick Blood they yield is relatively little in comparison to most Smiles.

It is never explained if Ulmeyda Smiles are meant to represent InterCity citizens who have been turned into Heaven Smiles, or if they are merely just normal Smiles who have been deployed to infiltrate the city.

Iwazaru Note DescriptionEdit

  • Master. This is too much. The new type of enemy is called the Leader, Ulmeyda. He wears a T-shirt. That's it. Just get one hit on the T-shirt. Defeat the leader and collect the coins. Make him breathe his last breath. In the name of Harman...
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