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Ulmeyda InterCity is a settlement in the video game killer7. It is the base of operations for Andrei Ulmeyda and his corporation First Life, Inc., a company which Ulmeyda digresses does not actually exist.


After obtaining an excerpt of the Yakumo policy from United Nations Party leader Kenjiro Matsuoka, Ulmeyda uses the document to shape his own utopian society in the middle of Texas. Meanwhile FBI agent Jaco Checkbox, having gained access to Miss Jacob, a device which predicts the outcomes of future events, travels to InterCity to meet with Ulmeyda, on his path to ensure the obliteration of the Last Shot Smile. Checkbox, aware that Ulmeyda holds a piece of the Yakumo policy, convinces Ulmeyda that his life is in danger because of it, but with the proper preparations, he may be able to take control of his own fate. Ulmeyda pieces together that he must summon the services of the Smith Syndicate.

Ulmeyda makes a special televised appearance calling the attention of the Smith Syndicate, who track him down to InterCity, where he admits to having previously infected himself with a myriad of dangerous diseases, and overcoming their effects, extracted and distributed his own blood to his city's population through First Life. However, he reaffirms that the infectious tissue used to create Heaven Smile is more dangerous than that of any other agent, and that he believes he will succumb to it should he be infected. Ulmeyda begs the Killer7 to finish him off should he become infected, as he has heard only they can kill the Smiles.

Garcian Smith's meeting with Ulmeyda is cut short when a fleet of American government agents storm the scene and corner Ulmeyda, injecting a serum of Heaven Smile deep into his bloodstream. Ulmeyda's transformative explosion rains his blood over the area, which kills all soldiers on the scene. Garcian is unaffected by Ulmeyda's hazardous blood however, and withstands the monster long enough to slay him, granting Ulmeyda a measure of absolution. After the encounter, the Smith Syndicate leaves InterCity to its inhabitants, now free of the cult status Ulmeyda clouded over it.

Notable residents[]

Known residents of InterCity include Ulmeyda, Gabriel Clemence and a handful of unnamed characters including the Cult Member, Man in Photograph, Old Man, Drug Store Employee, Postman and Security Guard.

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