Uehara is the perspective character of most chapters of the Correctness storypoint of The 25th Ward: The Silver Case. Although at first glance he would appear to be Akira, the protagonist of the first game, Sakura Natsume says offhand that he "reminds [her] of him", implying that Uehara and Akira are different people.


Very little is known about Uehara. He appears in Ward 25 one day and begins to investigate the Bayside Tower Land case, seemingly having been inserted by Michiru Kosaka, who issues him a fake ID which allows him to impersonate the building manager Kosuke Kurumizawa. He is soon enlisted in the 25th Ward Heinous Crimes Unit. Kinshiro Nakane assigns him the name "Kamui", and as Uehara he acts as a partner to Mokutaro Shiroyabu and Shinko Kuroyanagi.

Despite seeming to serve a protagonist's role, Uehara disappears for two of the Correctness chapters, only returning in #05 electride, the finale of the original release of the game. He resumes investigation, but is abruptly killed offscreen by Shiroyabu who has discovered his identity as Kamui. Uehara's ultimate role, then, is even more passive than Akira's beforehand, becoming even more of a mere observer.

Despite how the rest of the game treats him, Uehara has a very large role in the true final chapter, #07 black out. He shows up at the standoff inexplicably, despite having been killed earlier. Uehara is treated as very dangerous by Aoyama and Akama, who describe him as stronger than Kamui or Kurumizawa. Kuroyanagi decides that the best way to end the game would be to leave it up to Uehara, and he (and the player) are presented with 100 different endings to choose from. Every ending leads to Uehara taking a different path in life, although several end up with him dead as well.

In one particular ending, Uehara is sent to meet with a certain Mr. TD by Aoyama and Akama.

Travis Strikes AgainEdit

As seen in the trailer for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Travis Touchdown meets with a man named Kamui Uehara in a shop called Nightmare Burger. As indicated by his being referred to in short as "Uehara" rather than "Kamui", as well as the aforementioned ending, this Kamui seems to be Uehara.


  1. Uehara refers to himself as the Angel of Absolute Zero in one of his last appearances in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. He is also introduced in an earlier scenario titled "Absolute Zero."
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