Tsukiyono Akari (ツキヨノ・アカリ) is a character who appears in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. She is the former roommate of Dr. Juvenile as well as the keeper of the Death Ball containing Life is Destroy.

Appearance and personality Edit

She is depicted as a doe-eyed young woman with long hair wearing a halter top.

Despite her mild-mannered appearance, she is distrustful and belligerent towards Travis, referring to him as "some otaku dickhead with Gordon Gekko hair” and to Uehara as “an annoying-ass Japanese dude with creepy eyes.”

She initially believes that Travis has come to kill her, revealing a murderous side of her personality when she goes on to state that she's killed all over the underworld.

History Edit

Tsukiyono Akari first appears in the "Absolute Zero" scenario of the Travis Strikes Back visual novel. Uehara is able to track her to a gas station in Kansas, where he leads Travis to her location at an adjoining car wash.

After Travis assures her that he’s not there to kill her, she tells him that she’s seen him before on a dark web site that livestreamed Ranking Battles.

The three agree to head to a BBQ restaurant. She reveals that she’s holding one of the Death Balls for "a dear friend" and that she’s reluctant to give it to an assassin she’s just met. She also claims that she’s killed all over the underworld, which heavily implies that she was once an assassin.

Akari attempts to goad Travis into a duel, but Uehara deescalates the situation. Eventually, she agrees to hand over the Death Ball if they can solve a crossword puzzle. Uehara solves the puzzle, and she hands them keys "for an adventure". She divulges that she received the keys from her ex-roommate, Dr. Juvenile.

The keys are later revealed to unlock a labyrinthine dungeon located underneath a local convenience store, likely where Akari had hidden Life is Destroy.

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