The Tsubaki Mk-II (椿Mk-Ⅱ) is a weapon in the video game No More Heroes. Although largely more complete than its predecessor, this beam katana is still referred to on occasion as "a prototype." Naomi designs the Tsubaki Mk-II based on the US Military Secret plans Touchdown obtains after his Ranking Battle against Holly Summers. Debatably the most distinguishable model of the Tsubaki line, the extractable frame now contains five emitters and receivers which rotate simultaneously. However this means more strength must be put into wielding the Mk-II, as evidenced by Touchdown holding the weapon with two hands. Being the second make in the Tsubaki line, the base of the beam katana's hilt is marked by two red rings. The Tsubaki Mk-II is one of the most powerful beam katanas ever produced, superior in power to even its successor, the Tsubaki Mk-III, however its strength is somewhat counterproductive as most enemies it strikes suffer a larger knockback than usual, thus limiting Slash Combos. Once designed, Dr. Naomi sells the Tsubaki Mk-II for LB$148,000, after which it can be optimized using Power Up Parts and Energy Saving Parts Naomi stocks in her lab.

Trading card[edit | edit source]

The Tsubaki Mk-II appears on one trading card in the Design Materials set of No More Heroes, which is Trading Card No. 106.

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