"You'd better watch out. These Handsome Men are tough!"
—Trevor Pearlharbor

Trevor Pearlharbor is a character in killer7, and the main target of the Smith Syndicate in Target05: Alter Ego. An employee of ZTT Comics, he is apparently the sole writer and artist of HANDSOMEMAN, a sentai comic book and cartoon series featuring the The Handsome Men. He lives in a large villa located in the Dominican Republic and is described by Hand in killer7 as a 'nervous, delicate' man who possesses an 'artistic temperament'.

Alter Ego

Pearlharbor draws the unwelcome attention of the killer7 when a storyline featuring the assassination of US Democratic Party Senator Steve Thunderson by the Handsome Men subsequently comes true in real life; this leads the US Government to conclude that Pearlharbor is deliberately directing the team's actions, and so Garcian Smith is hired by Christopher Mills to take him out. Afer discovering that the next issue of HANDSOMEMAN features the appearance of Harman Smith himself as an adversary of the Handsome Men, the Smiths travel south to the Dominican Republic, where Pearlharbor owns a villa.

However, it is revealed by Travis Bell that Pearlharbor is not actually manipulating the actions of the Handsome Men, but is in fact a 'seer' - in other words, he possesses prophetic powers to a limited degree. Travis states that Pearlharbor's success is largely due to the efforts of his publishers and representatives, and that as a comic book artist he doesn't have enough talent to succeed on his own. However, upon discovering that the Handsome Men proceeded to carry out whatever he wrote in the comic, he wrongly assumed that he was somehow controlling them.


According to Travis, Pearlharbor's somewhat swollen ego eventually wore out his representatives' patience and so they orchestrated his assassination by the Smiths. When Dan Smith eventually reaches his studio overlooking the Caribbean, Pearlharbor arrogantly 'summons' Handsome Black and orders him to kill Dan - however, Dan dodges Black's Handsome Wink beam and Pearlharbor is zapped straight through the chest, killing him.

It is implied by LOVE Wilcox that the advertising and PR agency Electro and Line, Inc. was ultimately responsible for Trevor's death following its attempts to buy out the character rights to the Handsome Men, and she vows to Garcian that she will take the corporation down as revenge.


Trevor's unusual surname is derived from the US military base of Pearl Harbor, which was attacked by Japanese forces on December 7, 1941; the attack subsequently triggered the entry of the US into the Second World War. The Japanese word "sentai", meaning "task force", has a dual meaning - the military task forces in WWII, and the TV show masked hero teams. Handsome Black killing Trevor could be seen as a parallel - just as the WWII sentai bombed Pearl Harbor, the Handsome Men sentai character kills Pearlharbor.

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