When he interacts with the Death Drive Mk I in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Travis Touchdown is reproduced on the surface of Mars as a clone. He meets another copy of game designer John Winter and they discuss several things including their meeting at a 1989 Comic-Con. This version of Touchdown appears to share all his memories and is a direct continuation of the character's life before being copied by the Death Drive, even assuming he was simply teleported to Mars. Winter offers Touchdown to stay with him on Mars, however Touchdown's troubled life back on Earth prevents him from accepting. Winter and Touchdown share a hookah of Martian Mist Coffee before they separate, however Winter abruptly decapitates Touchdown where he is seated. It is unclear if Touchdown could have escaped Mars anyway, with Winter exclaiming the only way is death.

The original Touchdown seems aware of the interaction on Mars, as he reminisces about it with Jeane later.


Like John Winter's clone, this version of Touchdown would not have needed to sustain himself by eating or drinking, had he lived longer than a few minutes. Winter suggests that he is however affected by human desire, so Touchdown would have likely still worked up an appetite considering the real Touchdown's love for burgers and other food.

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