Torai Rin is a character in LET IT DIE. She operates the golden elevator in the Tower of Barbs, accessible only to Direct Hell Express members. If the player is not a member, she will be briefly visible when the player approaches her elevator as the door opens halfway before shutting. She has long black hair, simple jewelry, and wears a white uniform.

She claims to be the sole survivor of the Earth Rage incident, though this is seemingly contradicted by the presence of Seto Kiwako, the inhabitants of the Hated Arcade, and the player themselves, as otherwise there would be no one to possess the Fighters. She also notes that her elevator locks from the outside, and she was trapped alone inside for 20 years before the player came along. However, she also notes that being an elevator operator is her calling, so it's fortunate that there's anyone left to use her elevator.

Rin starts off firm and professional, but becomes increasingly flirtatious as the game progresses.

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