Not to be confused with Tokio Morishima or the protagonist of Tsukikage no Tokio.

Tokio (トキオ, Tokio) is a character in Killer Is Dead. His name is never mentioned during gameplay, although it appears briefly during the introduction to Episode 1: The Man who Chose the Moon, as well as during pre-release trailers. He is the first execution target of the game.

Tokio is voiced by Hajime Iijima in the Japanese release, and by Johnny Yong Bosch in international versions of the game.


Tokio is a scruffy-looking American man in his mid-40s, with bulging yellow eyes and a cybernetically-enhanced right arm. He is a paranoid, insecure man "plagued by many psychological complexes". He was infected by Dark Matter, turning him into a Wire and transforming his arm. He seems to be responsible for a spate of recent kidnappings and murders involving young women in an unnamed city in the United States. Following the disappearance of the latest victim, one Mika Takekawa, an Executioner (later revealed to be David) locates Tokio and hunts him down.

Although Tokio manages to surprise the Executioner and shoot him point-blank, seemingly killing him, the Executioner gets to his feet and slices off Tokio's arm-gun. As Tokio falls to the ground, the Executioner decapitates him, staining the wall with his blood. Dark Matter begins to rise from his corpse and spiral up towards the Moon.

Tokio appears again in Episode 11: She who Lives in Dreams, where he is seen carrying a bound and gagged Mika during a flashback to the events of the first episode. His remains are exactly where they were, along with the blood spatters.


Tokio's right arm has been morphed into a metal gun-like weapon (described as a "pistol" during the episode's opening cinematic) below the elbow, and is capable of firing energy shots. Activating his arm appears to cause Tokio some degree of discomfort, likely because of his transforming into Wires.

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