Thunder Ryu (サンダー龍, Sandaa Ryuu) is a character in the video game No More Heroes. He is a 51-year-old former Japanese professional wrestler turned Yakuza; his real name is unknown. Now retired from the wrestling ring and running a gym, he acts as Travis Touchdown's instructor, teaching him in both sword fighting techniques and professional wrestling moves. After he is killed by Speed Buster, he gives Travis his beam katana which Dr. Naomi uses to design the Tsubaki Mk-III. His soul can still be found at his gym to give Travis training and help him find his way through the Forest of Bewilderment, en route to Dark Star's castle. In his brief time as a spirit, Thunder Ryu serves a very similar role as a Remnant Psyche.

In No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Travis has a potrait of Thunder Ryu hanging from a wall of his motel room, honoring his Master's memory.

Trading cardsEdit

Thunder Ryu appears on three trading cards in the Design Materials set of No More Heroes. These are No. 91, No. 92 and No. 148.

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