Theater Mode is an unlockable extra in Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition. The mode is available after completing the game once on any difficulty. The mode provides additional background information on the game's characters and events.

Episode 1: The Man who Chose the Moon[edit | edit source]

Theater 01 Episode 1.png

Executioner[edit | edit source]

Executioners are professionals who have been given license by world governments to conduct assassinations. An executioner is a guardian of the underground world, and keeps peace and order within a society. It is a recognized profession and is represented by authorized organizations in many different countries. Due to the nature of his occupation, an executioner is sometimes drawn to the darkness.

Tokio[edit | edit source]

He is short of stature and is plagued by many psychological complexes. He is always concerned with the mood of his surroundings, a sure sign of his insecurity. He was affected by Dark Matter, which turned him into WIRES, and his right arm transformed into a weapon. Soon after that, he committed numerous crimes, including a homicide and a kidnapping. He is listed as a target for execution.

Episode 2: KILLER IS DEAD[edit | edit source]

Theater 02 Episode 2.png

Damon[edit | edit source]

A former ace executioner at Bryan's office and Mondo's predecessor. The more executions he conducted, the more he became fascinated by the darkness, and became an execution target. At the moment of execution, he spoke mysterious words to Mondo.

Mondo Zappa[edit | edit source]

35 years old, American. An executioner recruited by Bryan's Executioner Office. He ranks under Vivienne. Mondo sees executions simply as doing his job, and takes on all missions without fear. Mondo fights with a sword called Gekkou and blood-powered interchangeable firing arms called "Musselback", which also function as his left arm. Mondo cannot recall how and when he got it. Mondo's character is the gigolo: he continually whispers sweet words into the ears of beautiful women and captures their hearts with little effort. He likes soft-boiled eggs.

Bryan Roses[edit | edit source]

65 years old, American. CEO at Bryan's Executioner Office. A retired executioner, he takes a great amount of pride in his life, but pays less attention to business management. He was one of the best executioners in the world, and his partially mechanized body is a reminder of his past. When Mondo is in a desperate situation, Bryan helps him out by combining himself with a turret — this is known as the "Bryan Turret".

Mika Takekawa[edit | edit source]

20 years old, Japanese. Mondo's personal assistant at Bryan's Executioner Office. An energetic young girl. Through a peculiar turn of events, Mondo discovers her superb skills at cooking soft-boiled eggs. Soon after, she starts living with Mondo.

Mondo's Sword "GEKKOU"[edit | edit source]

This special sword absorbs enemy blood. Bryan gave this sword to Mondo. Cutting-edge technology from the Moon merged with traditional Japanese sword-making techniques gave rise to this hybrid sword. The name GEKKOU was inspired by a certain sword used by a professional killer. Although Bryan named this sword GEKKOU, the relationship between Bryan and the professional killer is unknown.

Episode 3: A Woman of Pain[edit | edit source]

Theater 03 Episode 3.png

Vivienne Squall[edit | edit source]

25 years old, British. Mondo's superior at Bryan's Executioner Office. Although she is a calm person, she always acts tough in the office. However, she sometimes gets agitated when talking about money or her own private matters. It's hard to not like her.

Previously, she worked as an executioner known by the name of "Vivienne Phantom" who was able to fire 16 handguns simultaneously and was feared by the underground.

Her "phantom arms" look far more authentic than Mondo's or Bryan's mechanized arms. This is simply because she is so particular about her own looks. Currently, she is in charge of operations and management at Bryan's Executioner Office. Damon was her co-worker.

Bryan's Executioner Office[edit | edit source]

"Bryan's Executioner Office" quietly takes care of problems that are especially tough to solve even with the power of existing organizations (the police, the army, FBI, CIA). Bryan's Executioner Office is a confidential organization which is only known to a limited number of people. Their clients range from the United Nations to private civilians. The first executioner was Bryan, and he constructed the mechanized half of his body himself. (It appears that his mechanized body originates from the injury he sustained when Bryan was actively serving as an executioner, although the details are unknown.) Bryan's Office possesses superior technology and Mondo's body was augmented with prohibited body modifications.

Musselback[edit | edit source]

Mondo's left arm has been designed to tap directly into the spinal nerve system, and can be controlled by Mondo's consciousness. The portion which looks organic is the essence of the technology of Bryan's Office. The white exterior is an optional addition and is very expensive. At the same time, new capabilities can be added to Musselback — this is referred to as "Paraforming".

Alice[edit | edit source]

When she traveled to the Moon, she was infected with the Dark Matter as David had planned. Since then, afflicted by the pain in her back which continues infinitely, she finally transformed into a grotesque monster.

Episode 4: The Man who Stole the Moon[edit | edit source]

Theater 04 Episode 4.png

Moon River[edit | edit source]

She used to be the ruler of the Moon, dwelling on its far side. One day, the Moon was taken by David. She went to the Execution Office to seek recourse and ask them to bring back the Moon. She is a neat and somewhat mystical beauty who speaks gentle words to burned-out Mondo.

Moon[edit | edit source]

When common people picture the Moon, they only think of its near side, which is what they can see. On the far side of the Moon, the "Ruler of the Moon" controls Dark Matter. One day, David takes over the Moon, replacing the former "Ruler of the Moon"- Moon River, who trails the humble unicorn "Takeru" in her wake. The earth is now exposed to Dark Matter, and is slowly being eaten up by the darkness.

David[edit | edit source]

37 years old, American. Former executioner at Bryan's Execution Office. When executing various targets, he was infected by the Dark Matter. The infection turned him into the evil man who desires to conquer the earth. As a result, the Moon is taken away from "Moon River", which makes David the ruler of the WIRES who began to settle on the Moon. Eventually, David attempts to entrap the world to bring even more confusion. Although it is Mondo's first meeting with David, David behaves as if he knew Mondo from long ago. Also, David somehow knew that Mondo likes soft-boiled eggs.

Episode 5: She who Eats Dreams[edit | edit source]

Theater 05 Episode 5.png

Planets[edit | edit source]


This title uses planets as a metaphor for some of the main characters. Small planets which appear in the Dolly stage have the following meanings.

Earth: Mondo Earth - Light and Darkness mixed together with miraculous balance. Everyone in this world holds light and shadow in his mind. *Small Earth in the Giant Head stage does not apply to this definition.

Sun: Mika The Sun continues to burn passionately. The Sun symbolizes energy and a source of freedom and creativity.

Moon: Moon River An indispensable existence [although it wanders about] since it continues being in the way the Earth as it should be. The Moon symbolizes the energy of "Shadow" and it is the counterpart of the Sun. It relates to feeling, instinct, memory, motherhood, and the consciousness of small children. It also acts toward pretersensual consciousness.

Mars: David Mars symbolizes human frustration —it continues to seek destruction innocently. Behind such absolute destruction, there are evil minds of the third kind which are referred to as Dark Matter in this game.

<Episode 12 - Last Cut Scene> The color of the Moon turns red. This means that the Moon is temporarily influenced by Mars. A reddish Moon implies the absence of the Moon River and the arrival of destruction.

Dolly[edit | edit source]

Dolly controls dreams. By altering Mondo's dream, she is trying to break Mondo's mind from the inside. She makes a decadent impression, despairing to everything in the world. She also has a deep, dark mind within her.

Episode 6: The Man who Stole her Ears[edit | edit source]

Theater 06 Episode 6.png

Victor[edit | edit source]

Victor manipulates human minds with his music. He takes away extraordinary musical talent from a girl named Jubilee, transmits evil sound (Dark Matter) from his own building tower, corrupting the minds of the world.

Dark Matter[edit | edit source]

Dark Matter is known as very small particles from the Moon which pour onto this world constantly. If human beings are exposed to these particles, there is a danger of them changing into malicious beings. The Dark Matter pouring onto the earth melts into a human's inner body, and enters the bloodstream. As for most persons, the Dark Matter is removed from the inside of the body by a righteous heart, a sense of ethics, deterrents, and morality. However, persons with a weak heart and those who have an affinity to evil amplify Dark Matter within their body. Moreover, when humans are exposed to large quantities of Dark Matter, it has the power to instantly turn them insane.

* In English, "lunatic" refers to a person who has become insane.

* "Lunatic" comes from Latin, and means "having been influenced by the Moon". The relationship between a higher crime rate, a full moon night and Dark Matter has not yet been proven.

Episode 7: The Tiger that Faded into Darkness[edit | edit source]

Theater 07 Episode 7.png

WIRES – Lifeless Creature[edit | edit source]

Generic enemies are called "WIRES" in this game. WIRES are lifeless creatures living on the Moon. Just as their name suggests, WIRES are made of crystals from the Moon with Dark Matter blown into them. This is why they look like tangled WIRES. On the other hand, there are WIRES who are filled with life. They eventually become human and evolved as they obtained the power of Dark Matter from David. WIRES are filled with intelligence and brutality. Some of them even require the power of blood as well. (Blood contains Dark Matter.)

Hamada-Yama[edit | edit source]

He is a heroic, old-school, and compassionate Yakuza boss. Hamada-Yama and Bryan know each other from a long time ago. He despairs over the recent decline of the country with too much westernization, and dreams of reviving the "good old Japan" in Kyoto. Under the influence of Dark Matter, his tiger tattoo comes alive and starts rioting in the old capital of Kyoto, regardless of his intention. Hamada-Yama realizes that he can no longer control the situation, and decides to ask Bryan to execute him.

Episode 8: She who Dances in Dreams[edit | edit source]

Theater 08 Episode 8.png

Secret of the Left Arm[edit | edit source]

The power (a material and technology) of the Moon is used for Mondo's left arm reconstruction. It is powered by the blood of enemies, enabling it to obtain much more power than Bryan's or Vivienne's body modifications. However, when enemy blood is converted into Mondo's power, the "consciousness" which is contained in the blood accumulates within Mondo's body as a side effect. If the enemy blood is contaminated by Dark Matter and Mondo absorbs a large amount of it, Mondo may be susceptible to the darkness.

It is clear that it is dangerous to carry out prohibited reconstructions on those who execute wrongdoers.

The purpose of reconstructing Mondo's left arm was to execute David who is now becoming a great threat to the earth. This purpose is kept a secret among Bryan, Vivienne and David himself.

Episode 9: The Giant who Stole a Planet[edit | edit source]

Theater 09 Episode 9.png

Secret of Area 151[edit | edit source]

This is a secret governmental institution for space development and research whose official purpose is the discovery of extraterrestrial lifeforms. Also, the exploitation of the Moon also contributes to the prosperity of this institution, providing technological information to private companies which offer transportation to the Moon.

There are many rumors in public, such as those concerning UFO research or alien conspiracies. However, in reality, these aliens have morphed into humans and have been working at this institution for a long time cloning their own kind.

<Secret - Part 1> Aliens sneak into this institution, participating in research - This is the reason for hiding this institution from the public. Both the CIA and NASA try to conceal the fact that these aliens actually took over this institution a long time ago.

<Secret - Part 2> David controls those aliens in this research institution. Aliens turned into WIRES and took away small Earth. Now, people have to depend on Bryan's office for execution.

Alien[edit | edit source]

Not only are WIRES being created at Area 151; aliens also have their hand in the pie at this institution. These aliens come from Saturn and have been dwelling on the earth since ancient times. These aliens are conducting various research programs on humanity, and with their advanced embodiment technology, the aliens are trying to reconstruct the earth from human consciousness and bring them back to their homeland. However, David unexpectedly interfered in the aliens' plans. "Giant Head", one of the stage bosses, was created when Dark Matter was mistakenly injected into an alien, and an unexpected mixture of WIRES broke out. It is assumed that a large amount of Dark Matter is contained within the GH's large body, and Bryan and Vivian are anxious about Mondo being exposed to a large amount of Dark Matter and falling to the dark side. When Bryan whispers something to Vivienne at the beginning of this episode, he is actually instructing Vivienne to kill Mondo if it comes to a worst-case scenario.

Giant Head[edit | edit source]

"Area 151" is a secret laboratory which studies unknown phenomena. One day, an experimental device got out of control and one of the lab workers turned into the "Giant". This giant, referred to as "Giant Head", conceals the Earth in his eye. When Mondo arrived at Area 151, he found Giant Head sleeping like a child and snoring loudly. However, Giant Head has trouble waking up, and whenever he is forced to wake up, he instantly gets irritated and starts acting violently.

Small Earth[edit | edit source]

The objective of this plan is to create a planet from human memory and consciousness. This plan has been executed and the humans' consciousness has been studied for over thousands of years since then. As a result, aliens succeeded in creating small earth No. 1.

However, some aliens raised contradicting viewpoints such as: "-- although it seems the planet earth has been reborn, in reality, it was only divided from the original planet." (Eventually, this plan is disrupted by David).

Episode 10: The Carrier of Love[edit | edit source]

Theater 10 Episode 10.png

TM-551[edit | edit source]

TM-551 is a steam locomotive which played an active role back in the 20th century. People loved it so much and even gave it nickname "Tommy". However, as time went by, the popularity of the steam locomotive declined, "Tommy" was retired from service, and nobody paid any interest to steam locomotives any more. Finally, this steam engine decided to be disassembled.

On the day it was disassembled, David imbued it with Dark Matter and transformed it into a heavily armored and reckless train.

It has a booming voice and an ear-splitting steam whistle with a person's face.

Episode 11: She who Lives in Dreams[edit | edit source]

Theater 11 Episode 11.png

David - Part 2[edit | edit source]

In order to conquer the Moon, the executioner David disappears from Bryan's Execution Office. His last execution target was Tokio, who kidnapped Mika.

After David executed Tokio, David brainwashes Mika and used her to spy on earth.

This is because David assumed that there would be another executioner who would succumb to darkness, and David was attempting to find this executioner by controlling Mika.

Episode 12: Chosen by the Moon[edit | edit source]

Theater 12 Episode 12.png

Red Moon[edit | edit source]

The color of the Moon turns red. This is because the Moon is temporarily influenced by Mars. A reddish Moon implies the absence of the Moon River and arrival of destruction.

Episode 51: The Man who Stole Blood[edit | edit source]

Theater 13 Episode 51.png

Sebastian[edit | edit source]

50 years old, British. Sebastian attracts females with his gentlemanlike manner. However, in truth he is one of the WIRES who are aiming to obtain vampire blood. Once he has succeeded in sucking off vampire blood, Sebastian turns into an even more vicious cross-breed. He dislikes vampires who like to suck human blood. Therefore, he prefers drinking wine to human blood. He hates to be interrupted by human beings.

Mondo Girls 1: Strong Hot-Headed Girl[edit | edit source]

Theater 14 Mondo Girls 1.png

Natalia[edit | edit source]

27 years old, Brazilian. Due to her incredible beauty, Natalia naturally did not involve herself in particular relationships, but when she met with Mondo, she was drawn to him. Natalia herself did not notice her feelings for Mondo, whose athletic capabilities are beyond that of human beings, and who appears to be a dangerous persona. She is not aware that she is attracted to Mondo. Mondo can meet her at the lounge bar as usual.

Mondo Girls 3: Top Performer[edit | edit source]

Theater 15 Mondo Girls 3.png

Koharu[edit | edit source]

20 years old, Japanese. Koharu is attracted to Mondo, who appears to have a mysterious persona. She regards Mondo to be a man, so she does not treat him as her client. It is her first time having such special feelings. She tries not to reveal her feelings to others, but her mind is torn with conflict.

Mondo Girls 4: Seductive Vampire[edit | edit source]

Theater 16 Mondo Girls 4.png

Betty[edit | edit source]

256 years old, German. Betty looks young but in fact, she is a pure-blooded vampire whose real age is 256 years old. In fact, Betty is seeking a strong man. In order to be sure of Mondo's strength, she visits Bryan's office. She prefers human blood to wine.

Mondo Girls 2: A Lucky Certified Blood-Drawing Nurse[edit | edit source]

Theater 17 Mondo Girls 2.png

Scarlette[edit | edit source]

For some reason, Scarlette is equipped with blood and sexiness — things which Mondo needs most. Mondo will encounter her at various places in game. She is calm in a dangerous situation where a bunch of wanderers and ordinary human beings get killed instantly. She has no intention of hiding — although there are many mysteries, she seems to know Mondo and sometimes gives him the power of blood if Mondo can successfully prove himself as the tough guy. Who knows if she is protecting Mondo or if Mondo is being supervised... it is clear that she supports Mondo with sexy action.

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