Terry is the protagonist and playable character of Contact, although the player can name him whatever they want. At the beginning of the game, Terry is taken in by the Professor and involved in a greater conflict against the CosmoNOTs. The Professor also offers up control of Terry to the player, a fact which Terry himself is not aware of for much of the game. While mostly just an ordinary boy, Terry can gain special powers from putting on various clothes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Terry's personality is somewhat open to interpretation for most of the game, as the player decides most of his actions for him. Terry has the opportunity to both help everybody he meets as well as kill them, although they'll get better, as well as to potentially acquire four girlfriends at once. In the few moments that Terry is left on his own, he is shown to be very aggressive, such as disrupting the CosmoNOTs' stage performance in the middle of a concert, and jumping right on top of Mint when chasing her at Akumojo Castle.

Self-awareness[edit | edit source]

At the end of the game, after completing his job and being abandoned by the Professor, Terry figures out that he's been controlled by the player and calls them out on controlling him. He immediately attacks them, though loses the fight soon enough before being taken home by Mint. Because Mint gives him what he wants rather than controlling him like the Professor and the player did, it's suggested that if Terry ever becomes entwined in the Professor's conflict again, he might not necessarily take his side.

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