Susie Sumner is one of the Remnant Psyches of Harman Smith in killer7, having been killed by the Smith Syndicate. She is a severed head and usually has a ring in her mouth to add to the player's inventory.

Susie had a very troubled life, with a heavy history of violence and mental illness, which she relates anecdotally, piece by piece, often using Japanese emoticons. Her first boyfriend angered her by being late for a date, as well as accidently hitting her in the head with a rock, resulting in her shooting him in the head; later, when her sugar daddy tried to touch her intimately, she tied him up, cut off his genitals and waited for him to die of thirst and starvation, possibly repeating the process with other men as well. Finally, one day when her mother tried to force her to go to school, she defenestrated and killed her, falling to the ground with her and being injured as well, but saving herself by landing on top of her mother. She was committed after this murder, and eventually assassinated by the Smith Syndicate.

As a Remannt Psyche, she proves very useful to the Syndicate, providing the quest-critical rings and the occasional piece of information. She does, however, continue to exhibit occasional psychotic and sociopathic tendencies, particularly through the manner in which she cheerfully and nonchalantly tells the story of her blood-soaked past.

Trivia Edit

  • Susie Sumner's signature soundtrack is "(`曲´)" (Emoticon). It's named that way after her love for japanese smileys.
  • Inside the mah-jong room, you can hear Susie wriggling in her cardboard before you open it, and she will twirl indefinitely until you interact with the box.
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