Suda Fables (須田寓話, Suda Guuwa), also known as Fable51 and 51FABLES, is a series of online articles published by Famitsu in 2016. They consist of side material taking place in the worlds of games written and directed by SUDA51, as well as original stories unconnected to previous games. The articles can be found here in Japanese. New chapters were usually published every Friday until April 2016, after which the series has remained dormant.

List of articles published so far[edit | edit source]

  • Killer is Dead part 1
  • Killer is Dead part 2
  • Killer is Dead part 3
  • Killer is Dead part 4
  • Makkana Onnanoko part 1
  • Makkana Onnanoko part 2
  • Makkana Onnanoko part 3
  • Makkana Onnanoko part 4
  • Makkana Onnanoko part 5
  • Makkana Onnanoko part 6
  • Makkana Onnanoko part 7
  • Makkana Onnanoko part 8
  • Makkana Onnanoko part 9
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