The Step Counter is an interface element in the video game Flower, Sun, and Rain: Murder and Mystery in Paradise. From the beginning of the game, it measures the amount of steps taken by protagonist Sumio Mondo. Reaching certain increments entails rewards such as improving the X Search System, and allowing Mondo to dash and change costumes. The last of these rewards comes with taking 510,000 steps (a reference to director SUDA51), and maximizing it completely is not believed to produce any effect. While Flower, Sun, and Rain can generally be completed within 20–30,000 steps, the Step Counter is able to measure 99,999,999 steps, and filling it would require nearly 1,000 hours of uninterrupted walking on Lospass Island.

Step prizes[edit | edit source]

No. Name Description
01 1000 steps X Search System Open Press X Button
02 5000 steps X Search System MAX UP
03 10000 steps X Search System MAX UP
04 20000 steps X Search System MAX UP
05 30000 steps X Search System MAX and Charge Speed UP
06 40000 steps X Search System MAX UP
07 50000 steps Sound Test Mode Open
08 75000 steps Movement Speed UP Press L or R Button to run fast
09 100000 steps X Search System Fully Open
10 510000 steps All Open
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