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Stacy Spangles is an unseen character in the video game killer7. During one of her live performances, her stadium is destroyed on Andrei Ulmeyda's live television broadcast by Heaven Smiles.[1] It is uncertain if she survived the explosion. Spangles had been signed to a record label owned by the ISZK Group.[1] In screenshots from the beta version of killer7, Ulmeyda's live broadcast is televised with a banner reading, "Explosion rips through the Silverdome in Dallas, Texas." This banner does not appear in the final version of the game however.


  • Andrei's statement of "Do you know the kind of people who attends these, Stacy concerts? We're talkin' about guys who beat off four times a day!" may be an early jab at Japanese music idol group industry professional work and fan culture, which has garnered some amount of controversy for news of public behavior and lifestyle standards for its idol celebrities, and the disposition of some of the more unsavory fans who follow their careers.


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