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Front, from left to right: KAEDE Smith, Con Smith, Dan Smith, Garcian Smith, Coyote Smith, MASK de Smith, and Kevin Smith. Back: Harman Smith.

The Killer7, also known as the "Smith Syndicate" or "Harman Alliance", is a group of assassins in the video game of the same name and who comprise the main cast of playable characters and associated members that assist the player.



The Seven[]



The First Smith Syndicate was formed by Harman Deltahead in 1775, which is when Harman changed his name to Smith. The only other known persona in the Syndicate was Dimitri Nightmare. However, the Syndicate came to an end only three years later when Harman Smith split from both Dimitri and the "Deltahead" identity, which was the start of the multiple Harmans.

The Second Smith Syndicate was recruited almost two centuries later by Harman Smith, who revived seven personas in 1957 after their murders in exchange for membership in his organization. They quickly became the most famous and skilled assassins in the United States, receiving a large number of government contracts as a result. However, this came to an end of sorts when Emir Parkreiner murdered all six members in a hotel, after which he absorbed their personas (as well as that of Harman's) into himself and took on the identity of Garcian Smith.

Following this, the Second Smith Syndicate (now known as the "Killer7") returned to the government to resume their relationship, albeit one in which Emir failed to realize he was in fact now the entire syndicate. One of the organization's first jobs at this point was to kill Travis Bell, who subsequently joined the Killer7 as an informant, as did other targets (Susie Sumner and Kess BloodySunday), a duo hired to take care of Master Harman (Iwazaru and Samantha), and the man who sold out the original Smith Syndicate to Parkreiner (Yoon-Hyun) among others (the Mad Doctor, Kikazaru and Mizaru). The group continues to loyally work for the government for an indeterminate amount of time, likely years. Garcian establishes a relationship with Christopher Mills, his liaison with the government, working out a system of subtle communication via coded messages left on his answering machine, as well as a typical rendezvous point, the Seattle overpass.

When the "Heaven Smile" crisis breaks, the organization is assigned a number of counter-terrorism operations, first to investigate the cause of the problem, through which they learn that Harman Smith's rival and nemesis, Kun Lan, is behind the attacks. They are then sent to assassinate a foreign spy, Toru Fukushima, as well as a rival assassin, Jean DePaul, and end up learning more about the increasingly tenuous Japan-US relations in the process. They are then summoned by Andrei Ulmeyda to take him out at his own request. Following this, they are assigned a mission to stop an organ-trafficking program run by Pedro Montana and Dan's old partner Curtis Blackburn, and end up pursuing Blackburn to his personal residence in order to kill him. Yet another dangerous rival assassin group appears, this one called the Handsome Men; the Killer7 travel to the Dominican Republic to take down their apparent leader, Trevor Pearlharbor, and end up squaring off with them in Broadway, New York.

Finally, Garcian goes rogue, and takes the group to investigate his past at Coburn Elementary School. In the course of the events there, the personae of the original six assassins are destroyed, and shortly thereafter Garcian travels to the roof of the Hotel Union, where Parkreiner's persona reasserts itself, ending the Second Smith Syndicate.

Hand in killer7 suggests that there would be at least three and likely more Smith Syndicates throughout the future, although the members of each is mostly unknown. The Third Smith Syndicate comes about in 2050 in order to combat a new form of terror known as "Heaven Tears", although Harman Smith presumably is missing until he reappears in Shanghai, so the leader of this group is unknown. A Fourth Smith Syndicate is never directly mentioned, but is likely a group that Harman forms to battle Kun Lan in 2115 when their fight continues. The Fifth Smith Syndicate is led by OVERDRIVE MASK de Smith, although how MASK could have reappeared after being killed in the Coburn gym is unknown, suggesting it may be somebody else carrying on his legacy. In 2170, he battles yet another monstrous form of terror known as "Final Smiles" who fly to Detroit from the east. Because Harman and Kun Lan continue to battle for eternity, it's likely that other Smith Syndicates could form in the future.

Powers and abilities[]

Each member of the Smith Syndicate has a different ability, as discussed in their individual articles:

  • Harman Smith (and thus Garcian Smith) can use his Third Eye to revive other members.
  • Garcian Smith can also use his Vision Ring to scan for Heaven Smiles in the immediate area, which he can do remotely.
  • Dan Smith can fire special Demon Shells from his revolver and, later, his upgraded Demon Gun.
  • KAEDE Smith can use her pistol's long-range capabilities as well as her own wayfaring Blood Shower ability.
  • Coyote Smith can pick locks as well as perform the Deadly Jump.
  • Kevin Smith can become immaterial and his voice can supposedly summon the gods, although this ability never comes into play within the game.
  • MASK de Smith can fire special ammunition as well as use various kinds of wrestling moves.
  • Con Smith can run extremely fast and use superhuman senses to find hidden areas.


  • All of the Personae's powers suggest elements of their deaths, in the Union Hotel. All of the powers are inversions of the elements of their deaths.
    • Kevin Smith was in disguise, but his disguise failed. In the Killer7, Kevin Smith's disguise is perfect: he turns invisible.
    • Con Smith did not hear Emir enter his room, and he did not run away. In Killer7, he has perfect hearing and he can run at impossible speeds.
    • MASK De Smith was completely nude, exposed, and he died without putting up a fight. In the Killer7, he is disguised entirely, and he is the superhero-in-residence.
    • KAEDE Smith was a coward; she ran away when she had the chance to warn the remainder of her comrades, and she hid in a closet. In the Killer7, she instead slits her wrist and showers forth blood -- an action reminiscent of self-sacrifice, the opposite of her behavior in the Union Hotel. As well, instead of placing a barrier between herself and a threat -- as she did when she hid from Emir in the closet -- she removes barriers.
    • Coyote Smith hid unimaginatively from Emir. In the Union Hotel, Coyote had the option of climbing onto the fire escape to flee. Lacking the imagination to do so, however, he was killed when Emir instead used the fire escape to catch Coyote off guard. In the Killer7, then, Coyote possesses the ingenuity and cleverness that he failed to display at the Union Hotel.
    • Dan Smith talked a lot of trash, bragged to Emir's face, and even beat Emir to the draw. In the end, though, he was unable to cash the check his mouth had written. In the Killer7, then, he is still a braggart, but he is able to follow through with the claims made in his speech. He is even able to fire the devastating Colatteral Shot -- a supernatural version of the gunshot that could have saved his life from Emir Parkreiner, in the Union Hotel.