Slashing Stance is a stance at which the beam katana is held in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. There are two types of Slashing Stances, high and low, and an indicator at the right of the screen during gameplay displays whichever is being assumed. High Slashing Stance is performed by tilting the Wii Remote at an upwards angle, and Low Slashing Stance is performed by holding the Wii Remote straight, or tilting it at a downwards angle.

Slashing Stances influence how attacks, most notably Slash Combos and Beat Attacks, will be performed, often that High Stances allow faster hitting attacks where Low Stances give more focused, powerful attacks. Certain times may require a particular stance, such as using a High Slashing Stance against an enemy who guards low. Stances may also be switched during combos, resetting the animation to extend the duration of the combo.

The manner in which Charged Slashes are executed is also dependent on the Slashing Stance that is being assumed. A High Charge Slash sends Travis Touchdown slashing forwards. A Low Charge Slash causes Travis to slash the enemies at his sides.

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