Shoko Ozora (大空 翔子, Ōzora Shōko) is the protagonist of Liberation Maiden. Formerly just an ordinary high school student from Nagano prefecture, Shoko is elected as the second President of New Japan after the previous president, her own father, is assassinated by agents of the foreign power known as the Dominion. With the assistance of the First Secretary, Kira, Shoko pilots the Liberator "Kamui" mecha in order to strike back at the Dominion and liberate the parts of New Japan under their control.

Shoko is also a main character in Liberation Maiden SIN.


Shoko is described as being a "direct" and "forthright" young woman who has a deep love of her country and its citizens. She has a particular fondness for the natural beauty of New Japan's environment, and is rendered speechless by its splendour following the defeat of the Yatagarasu at Mt. Fuji. Shoko even plants a small garden on board the Parliamentary Battleship Nagata in order to give it a "softer edge".

The Liberator, "Kamui"Edit

Shoko's main mode of transport and attack is the Liberator "Kamui", a 11m-tall humanoid robot powered by the "natural energy" of the earth. Unlike most mechas in Japanese fiction, Shoko does not pilot the robot from inside, but instead rides upon its back while wearing a special suit.

Liberation Maiden SINEdit

Shoko has been confirmed to appear in Liberation Maiden SIN, which is set an unspecified period of time after the events of Liberation Maiden, although she will not be the game's protagonist. She appears alongside her childhood friend Kiyoto Kaido, who she has appointed as her new chief aide. Shoko's all-female cabinet will also appear.


Liberation MaidenEdit

Liberation Maiden SINEdit

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