The Shadows of the DAMNED Promotional Soundtrack is a promotional mini-soundtrack album featuring music from Shadows of the DAMNED. The album was not released separately but was instead bundled with the pre-ordered edition as a free digital download, redeemable by codes included with the game. The title track is noticeable for being a joint collaboration between Akira Yamaoka and British Goth-rock band The Damned, and also features Mary Elizabeth McGlynn on vocals.

A proper soundtrack album featuring music from the game, Shadows of the DAMNED Original Music From AKIRA YAMAOKA, was later released in September 2011.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Theme of Shadows of the Damned" (featuring The Damned) - 7:11
  2. "Shedding Stars" - 1:30
  3. "Walk if Off" - 1:36
  4. "Last stop, windows up" - 2:56
  5. "...This Way Comes" - 1:50
  6. "Fathomer" - 2:05
  7. "Smile for a Broken Dawn" - 2:08
  8. "Showdown at High Moon" - 1:46
  9. "Cold Turkey" - 2:20
  10. "Broken Bones, Broken Promises" - 2:52
  11. "Dropped Off Between Stops" - 2:35
  12. "Clawing at the Veil" - 2:42
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