Serious Moonlight is a fictional unreleased Death Drive Mk II action role-playing game. When Travis Touchdown launches the Death Ball for what appears to be Serious Moonlight, the game DAMNED: Dark Knight seems to load instead. While playing the game, Touchdown learns from Bugxtra that Dr. Juvenile attempted to cancel Serious Moonlight because there was no way of fully realizing her idea with the technology of the time, however she was pressured into continuing development.[1] Rather than pursue her original Serious Moonlight concept, Juvenile morphed the game into a sequel to her favorite video game, Shadows of the DAMNED. Journalist Carlos Setagaya leaks some details about the game after working undercover within the development team, however even after learning of its blending with DAMNED he continues to report it as Serious Moonlight.


Some time has passed since Garcia Hotspur and Johnson defeated Fleming Whatshisfaces at the climax of Shadows of the DAMNED. Hotspur and Johnson have found themselves in conflict with another demon named Alfred, who overpowers and kills Hotspur. In his dying moments, Hotspur offers his soul to Johnson, transforming him into Eight Hearts, who vows to avenge his fallen friend.


  1. In Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Bugxtra states, "Her idea shot down, Juvenile decided to take a huge gamble."
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