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Landmasses on Seol are highly susceptible to thunderstorms and dynamic motion, however 63% of the planet's surface is in fact oceanic.

Seol is a planet in the video game Sine Mora. In the Orloi galaxy,[1] the planet Seol's atmosphere is dense, and clean oxygen in the air keeps the water thin.[1] The planet has a high atmospheric electromagnetic opacity, the high electrical charge in its troposphere resulting in "almost perpetual" thunderstorms, although many of these are described as "tempests without moisture or rain."[1] In fact, precipitation on Seol is never known to be particularly wild.[1] The ecosystem has adapted to the planet's aggressive geological hazards, bestowing flora and fauna with "a surprising pace of acclimatisation."[1]

Seol's unstable plate tectonics cause the planet's surface to change shape constantly.[1] Its thin crust is recycled by this permanent dynamic motion, and as a result "new fissures, trenches, canyons, gorges and basins spring up frequently."[1] Large deposits of mineral ore bodies and fossil fuels in Seol's crust are generally considered non-renewable natural resources, as the erratic plate movement makes these resources difficult to harvest.[2] Inhabitants adopted a strong sense of order which allows them to carry on and regain control in the repeated aftermaths of these frequent catastrophes,[3] however not all of the planet's surface is at constant unrest.[4] The Land of the Sons of ENKY has never in thousands of circles, a measurement of time in the world of Sine Mora, been bothered by Seol's tectonics, and is one of only a few proportionally minor regions on the planet to hold this safe distinction.[4]

Ancient civilizations have been erased by perpetual plate shifts, making it impossible to identify the early history of Seol.[3] The volatile dynamic motion on Seol makes structures difficult to build on the planet's surface.[4] In response to this, inhabitants employ a "cheaply extractable" gas referred to as hopper[2] to thrust mobile cities into the sky.[4] Buildings in these cities harbour "an interlocking system with capacity for organic growth."[4] The Layil Empire presides over these cities with floating fortresses, wherein important authorities such as "administration, order-keeping, various establishments, councils, boards and secret services are all represented."[4] The main administrative Layil fortress is Siriad.[4]

Seol is home to two polar regions and four narrow temperate zones, with 63% of the planet's surface being oceanic; the remainder of Seol's surface is composed of continents and smaller islands,[1] the continental shelf of which is mostly below sea level.[1] The population of Seol is approximately 2,650,000,000, with population density varying across the planet.[2] Seol is home to four major nations,[2] although the planet is ruled by a single sovereign government, the Layil Empire,[2] which demonstrates "global political and economic authority" under the leadership of Nessa.[2]

Two satellites orbit Seol; these are Delos and Mawu,[1] the latter which is host to an AiBot manufacturer.[5] Another AiBot facility on Seol itself is located in Losei.[6]

Measurement of timeEdit

Time is not strictly measured on Seol. Instead the planet's four seasons are each referred to as a "quarter," with four quarters equalling a "circle," the Seol-equivalent of a year; circles start over at each spring equinox. Hours and minutes are regarded as a single measurement, "nir," while seconds are analogous to "ori."


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