The Senton Splash Tunnel is a concrete passageway underneath the town of Santa Destroy in the video game No More Heroes. During protagonist Travis Touchdown's time ranked sixth in the United Assassins Association, countless bloodstains blemish the concrete streets of Santa Destroy, which lead to the bloodied body of an unidentified girl in the barren Atomic Drop Ward, next to the entrance to the Senton Splash Tunnel. Touchdown follows the path, where he is taunted by a shadowy figure as well as several thugs.

After reaching the end of the tunnel, Touchdown finds himself on a desert highway, where he challenges Letz Shake's UAA ranking. Before the Ranking Battle can begin however, Henry, revealed to be the shadowy figure taunting Touchdown in the Senton Splash Tunnel, appears, bisecting Letz Shake in an instant.

When Travis returns to the town upon ranking fifth in the UAA, the path of blood to the Senton Splash Tunnel has been cleansed, and the body of the girl by its entrance has been removed. It is notable that this occurrence is the town's only recognized rise in crime, excluding those which have been organized privately by the UAA and K-Entertainment.

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