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Santa Destroy High School is an institution in the video game No More Heroes. It is suggested that the school does not offer students a proper education, possibly due to faulty teachers and staff, or because of students themselves. It is uncertain how children obtain their elementary education, though it is most likely that there is either an elementary school in Santa Destroy that isn't recognized in the game, or children are simply transported to a nearby, surrounding community with one. Interestingly, although Shinobu wears a uniform of the school, none of the other known students do so, instead wearing casual clothes. A plaque outside the entrance to Santa Destroy High School boasts that the instution was "Founded on the principle that only the strong survive," with the motto "Might makes right."

On the site is also an abandoned and decrepit schoolhouse, possibly where education was given before the construction of Santa Destroy High School. This nearby building is the preferred Extreme Murder Battle Stage for the Ranking Battle against the original eighth ranked assassin in the United Assassins Association, Shinobu.


Santa Destroy High School hosts its own fencing team, whose T-shirt protagonist Travis Touchdown can obtain and wear.