The Santa Destroy Bank is the location for Shinobu's first ranked assassin's match against the assassin, and president of the bank, Million Gunman. it is made out of several floors, at least three and seems to contain the largest number of chests in the game that give out cash.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The bank could be one of the most lavish buildings in Santa Destroy, well constructed out of what seems to be white marble and is a huge structure. it is loaded with teller booths at the start of the level, suggesting its heavy traffic during business hours. The vaults of the bank are protected by a series of laser alarms and scattered locks around the room. the vaults themselves seem to be made out of some kind of expensive metal, like gold. Million Gunman will fight you in one of these vaults, although this vault, unlike the others, contains scaffolding or multiple floors and emergency exits for the president in which Million Gunman makes full use of during the battle. It could be considered that it is the only bank in Santa Destroy, as it seems to house a large sum of money and Million Gunman has become rich due to the banks success, to the point where he will actually lounge in the vaults to adore his earnings, as when Shinobu found him.

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