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Samantha Sitbon is Harman Smith's maid in killer7. She is a college student who takes care of Harman in Harman's Room for three days out of the week, mainly for scholarship aides. While Harman is in his coma-like state, Samantha abuses Harman, going so far as to rape him, but when the lights are out and Harman is awake she becomes a fully obedient servant. During this time, she will save the players' game for them.


Samantha Sitbon first met the Smiths when she battled them in a hotel in France in 1990. She manages to kill all of the killer7 before Harman kills her. She is then resuscitated and recruited as a servant of Harman. While the other personae are healing from the battle, Samantha becomes a temporary killer persona under the name Samantha Smith, performing missions in the others' absence. During this time period, she kills Johnny Gagnon and finishes his final pigeon memo. She becomes a maid again in 2000 when Harman is injured by Dan Smith.

In 2004, one of Samantha's friends is killed by Heaven Smile - the daughter of Jaco Checkbox. Over the next few years while Jaco is writing his report, Samantha meets with him and they talk about their memories of his daughter. Upon hearing that Samantha is currently working for Harman and Garcian Smith, Jaco makes a plan with her: use abuse to secretly hypnotize Harman, and by proxy Garcian and, ultimately, Emir; the message in question being related to hunting down and killing the Last Shot Smile. He pays Samantha to enact this plan for him, and Samantha's abuse begins, leading to the situation seen in the game and, in the long run, to Target06: Lion.

Before Target05: Smile, the comatose Harman presumably awakens while the lights are on, and kills Samantha in revenge.

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