STAGE - III.A is the sixth stage of Sine Mora.



Past and future.

These concepts don't have much meaning for people who can easily visit both. Still, one can live an entire lifetime without ever looking back, or forward. Ultimately it is only the present and ourselves - our own happiness and comfort - that we take into account.

Where can this pride of self go, and what shall we become without descendants, or without being able to pay respect to the trials and beliefs of our ancestors? We may be citizens of the world, and advocate interplanetary peace and community, yet our ancestors shed their blood for flags and totems, and their families made up a close-knit tribe. A nation. Language and land kept them together. But this too may fade.

The entire universe is composed of units and sub-units. Tissue is made of cells, and cells of atoms. This is the essence of nature... the same nature that made a mockery of me. It was my fate to be childless. The flame that burns brightest burns quickest, and with a future denied me, this is how I chose to live my life.

I had hoped raid [sic] of the AiBorg factory in the Cardinal Canyon would let me burn as bright as the stars.


I don't believe in an ultimate truth. A child rolls in the dirt with gleeful abandon, while an adult will try to wipe their dirty faces clean. To what end? Both actions are meaningless. The fine mist of Time falls upon the heads of the dirty and the clean alike. Before Time, all is made equal. From dust to dust. Perhaps there is an ultimate truth after all; that being the irrelevance of our truths.

Still, I believe there is a higher function for value and aesthetics - the preservation and cultivation of which is the privilege of the aristocracy. When I say aristocracy, I don't necessarily mean blue-blooded royalty. Rather, I refer to men of learning and reading. What I am concerned with is an aristocracy of the mind. It is our obligation to select - through our experiences, knowledge, and heart - what is eternal and what is worthless.

I see doubt and disdain in the eyes of others. They find conceit and arrogance in my mannerisms. But if I don't represent this ideology, then others will. Others who would prefer to distinguish between people and concepts based on vanity, rather than thought and humility.

Should my compatriots grab hold of this idea, they shall at long last come to understand my intentions.


Durak launches a raid on the Layil Empire's AiBorg production plant in what was once Cardinal Canyon, with the intent of destroying the facility. After gaining access to the plant, Durak is advised by Akyta Dryad to evade security by passing through a raw material transport tunnel. By hiding her ship within the clouds of raw materials Durak is able to safely navigate the tunnel's laser security. Upon exiting the tunnel Durak is confronted by the Tsuchigomo, a giant mechanical spider designed for selecting alloys, but she manages to destroy it before continuing with her mission.

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