SAMURAI CHAMPLOO Rhythm Track CD is a promotional remix album featuring music from Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked. All five tracks were composed and remixed by Masafumi Takada. The album was given away as a pre-order bonus for Japanese editions of the game and was never given a widespread commercial release. A complete soundtrack featuring music from the game, SAMURAI CHAMPLOO ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK, was released in March 2006.

Track listingEdit

  1. "At the End of the Journey (Tape Cutting EDIT)" - 6:48
  2. "Six of One and A Half Dozen of the Other (Unresolved MIX)" - 8:05
  3. "Strange Flower (floral arrangement EDIT)" - 4:38
  4. "Sound Business (Wooden Bear MIX)" - 3:47
  5. "100STARS DX (RX-Ver.S.P.L.)" - 20:25


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