Ryan Yamazaki (ライアン山崎, Raian Yamazaki) is a character in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. He is the owner of Ryan's Gym.

Ryan's facial appearance gives a nod to Freddy Mercury of the rock band Queen. He hits on Travis a bit during exercise time - it's unknown whether this means that he has a crush on Travis, or if he acts like that to all his customers.


NMH2 Wii Training3-noscale

Travis training with Ryan

Ryan's role is pretty much the same as Thunder Ryu's. For a fee, Travis can train with him. There are 2 types of training: stamina and muscle. His training minigames include a treadmill run where he changes its direction, and sparring where he throws weights (and kisses) for Travis to punch back or dodge.

Everytime Travis fails to increase his power, Ryan gets a "sad face" whereas when Travis wins the training minigames, he points out the adrenaline rush of working out. Travis is not his only patron as near the ending of the game, Ryan's gym is occupied by an unidentifiable youth in a hat who obviously may be considered a bit of a wimp.

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