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Ronotra Koss is a character in the video game Sine Mora.

Appearance and personality[edit | edit source]

Ronotra Koss is an anthropomorphic bison. He is an amputee, his movement limited to a wheelchair,[1] and he is missing his right eye, using an eye-patch to cover it. He wears a heavy beige coat, green fingerless gloves and dark pants, with the excess fabric folded beneath him as the lower portions of his two legs are missing. Koss' blood type is B.[1]

Koss, while once "one of the few aces" of the Layil Empire, has become disillusioned from the loss of both of his legs in an accident as well as the death of his son at the hands of an officer of the Empire.[1] He is a bitter man, having descended into alcoholism and crime.[1] Koss has also become a serial revenge killer, resorting to blackmailing Myryan Magusa and the smuggling of military grade aibot GARAI 74/22876 to further his goals.[2] He will stop at nothing to avenge the death of his son, even to the extent of crafting an elaborate plot to kill every soldier who had a hand in his death.

References[edit | edit source]

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