Roller Smiles (ローリングスマイル, Rōringusumairu, lit. "Rolling Smile") are enemies featured in killer7, and a variety of Heaven Smile. They are only encountered in the streets of the Dominican Republic during Target04: Alter Ego.

Roller Smiles are visually identical to normal Heaven Smiles, but have a unique method of getting around. As soon as the player enters an area, the Roller will twist and contort its body into a ring-like shape, holding onto its feet with its hands. It will then proceed to roll towards the player very quickly and explode upon contact. While doing this they make a strange, reverberating high-pitched laughing noise. Due to their speed they are one of the most dangerous varieties of Smile - particularly in killer8 mode, where unless a persona's weapon strength is Lv.4 or 5 they will most likely crash into them before the player can kill them. One of the more reliable ways to kill them, especially on the higher difficulties, is to counter them just before they collide with a persona.

Iwazaru Note DescriptionEdit

  • Master. This is too much. The new type of enemy is called the Roller. A Roller rolls like a maniac. And that just can't be healthy. Put its rolling spree to an end with a hit to its weak point. In the name of Harman...
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