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Remnant Psyches are apparitions in killer7. These apparitions (except for Christopher Mills) are all previous victims of the Smith Syndicate: Travis Bell, for example, was Harman Smith's first target. Travis, Susie Sumner, and Kess BloodySunday were killed prior to the events of the game, and as the game continues and more people are killed by the Smiths, more Remnant Psyches are amassed. Though they have not been absorbed as personae of Harman Smith, the Remnant Psyches appear to the Smiths throughout the game, offering advice and other information relevant to the plot.

Hand in killer7 suggests that only certain individuals are compatible for absorption by Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon. If a non-compatible person is absorbed, he or she becomes a Remnant Psyche, as opposed to a full persona. This suggests that Harman takes every opportunity to attempt to absorb new personalities, even those of people he didn't personally kill. Since no new personas are added to the roster during the game's course, it can be assumed that compatible individuals are relatively rare.

List of Remnant PsychesEdit


These Psyches exist prior to the events of the game.


These Psyches are added during the game after dying. Unlike the previous Psyches, these only appear once each (with the exception of Mills).


Iwazaru, Mizaru and Kikazaru all appear to be Remnant Psyches, but the truth of this is called into question by the Last Shot Smile. The Mad Doctor might be a Psyche, as he lives in the TV with the personalities, but this is not confirmed. As an aside, the Gatekeeper talks with text-to-speech just like the Psyches, but he works for Kun Lan.

Predecessors and successorsEdit

By the end of The Silver Case, Tokio Morishima has developed "lingering consciousnesses" in his mind, the personalities of dead characters such as Ayame Shimohira and others. He describes them as similar to ghosts, and says that they always talk at him; this is more or less the exact same phenomenon that would later be seen in killer7.

Less obviously, in No More Heroes, after Thunder Ryu dies, he continues to assist Travis Touchdown in the form of a transparent spirit. In particular, he helps Travis on-field in the Forest of Bewilderment, showing him where to go and leaving behind an ominous final message before passing.

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