"My friends are all dead. They were all murdered... by people who look like this..." Red Gunner #01

The Red Gunners are minor characters in killer7. They are a small group of organised criminals comprised of two men and two women who operate out of the "Celtic" Building in Seattle. During the events of Target00: Angel, they all come into contact with the Heaven Smiles that have recently infested the building, and subsequently meet a grisly end.

  • One is transformed into a Smile (presumably by Kun Lan himself) and greets Dan Smith in the building's entrance lobby, revealing that the other Gunners are dead (they aren't quite yet, although this is probably just intended to intimidate the Smiths). Upon assuming his true form as a Heaven Smile Dan shoots him, killing him instantly.
  • One is found in the initial 2F hallway trying to escape a Heaven Smile. The Smile catches up to him and kills the unfortunate Gunner in an explosion, with his head being blown clean off.
  • Another Gunner is found seriously wounded in the main 2F hallway, pleading for help, but drops to the floor dead. Her back is revealed to have been so damaged by a Smile's attack that her spine and internal organs are exposed.
  • The final Gunner is encountered in an elevator hall on the upper levels of the complex backed into a corner by a crawlling Heaven Smile, which grabs her legs and blows her up, incinerating everything below her waist. She pleads for help one last time before succumbing to her severe injuries.
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