Pre-Lunatics is a short manga by Syuji Takeya included with the deluxe edition of the 2016 release of The Silver Case. It depicts the events occurring shortly before and at the very beginning of case#0:lunatics. It shows a glimpse into Ryo Kazan's mental breakdown following the events of Moonlight Syndrome, Sumio Kodai leaving HQ after getting a bad feeling, and Tetsugoro Kusabi looking at a picture of Toriko Kusabi and Christina. It leads directly into lunatics, with its last few pages matching the beginning of the case.

Easter eggsEdit

  • Sumio wakes up with a copy of The Lospass on top of him, on the back of which are characters from Kurayami Dance.
  • Tetsugoro has a Christina charm in his car, as well as a flier for the coffee shop Tamura.
  • Sumio mentions that he's going to meet with "some monkeys", foreshadowing the Mikumo Boys.


  • "Pre-Lunatic" is also the name of the Heinous Crimes Unit case regarding the high-school murders from Moonlight Syndrome starting up again, implying that before firing at Kusabi, Ryo killed others as well.
  • On the cover and opening page, Ryo is drawn with a Silver Eye, but he doesn't actually have one in the comic or the game. On said opening page, he is juxtaposed with Kamui Uehara and Sundance Shot; Kamui is drawn with one Silver Eye and Sundance is drawn with his eyepatch.
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