Poison Smiles (ポイズンスマイル, Poizunsumairu) are enemies featured in killer7. They are a variety of Heaven Smile which first appear at the KAKU Building in the second half of Target01: Sunset.

Poison Smiles appear similar to regular Smiles, although they are slightly larger, have a bulkier frame and are always purple. They constantly exude a dark purple mist, although this poses no danger to the Smiths. What distinguishes them from other Smiles is their limited invulnerability, which prevents them from being killed by anything other than a critical hit. If the player simply shoots them to death normally, they will fall down but instantly stand back up again. The only way to kill them is to hit their weak spot.

Iwazaru Note DescriptionEdit

  • Master. This is too much. The new type of enemy is called the Poison. Be careful when you approach it. Guns are useless. Utterly useless! Only attacks on the weak point will have any effect. Take it out like so much trash. In the name of Harman...
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